George FitzGerald

Since his 2010 debut George Fitzgerald has gained a loyal following through a reliably consistent string of releases for influential labels such as Hotflush, Aus and Hypercolour. His standout moment was 2012’s ‘Child’, which arguably defined the house sound of that year with its garage and R&B infused hooks and bass lines. The track highlighted George as the most promising member of a growing wave of producers that have since penetrated the mainstream consciousness (Duke Dumont, Disclosure) with modern, credible club tracks that aren’t afraid of a well-crafted hook.

The Watford born, and now Berlin resident’s early musical schooling took place behind the counter at London’s Black Market Records. It was here that he worked in the deep house section piecing together the sounds’ US origins and its link with the later 4/4 garage of Tuff Jam records, which are arguably George’s most obvious influences.

Entering into 2013 as a defining figure of the prevailing dance sound, George was invited to provide a mix for Radio 1’s world-renowned Essential Mix series. It was quite a coup as it not only guaranteed worldwide exposure but also enabled George to show off a deep musical knowledge and subtly reposition expectations of his sound, with leftfield curveballs from labels like Perlon and Workshop that point to his exposure to Berlin club life, most notably as a frequent Berghain DJ.


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