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Genre: Dubstep

Origin: United Kingdom

Assuming the throne of dubstep’s most ruthless masked madman, FuntCase has been
tearing up dance floors for the past 14 years. Since he began, FuntCase has positioned
himself at the forefront of dubstep and has maintained his notable presence through
memorable releases, high-energy DJ sets and unparalleled engagement with his community.
His signature sound and track record of releasing consistently great tracks has been
instrumental in making the dubstep scene what it is today.

Born and bred in Bournemouth, UK, James Hazell began his relationship with electronic
music as a drum and bass producer and DJ before unveiling his new alias – FuntCase
officially stepped into the scene at the height of dubstep’s voyage across the pond.
Recognized by his unmistakable mask and merciless production style, FuntCase quickly
became a fan-favourite for bass music enthusiasts around the world. With a slew of releases
under his belt throughout the 2010s with his Circus Records crew, FuntCase transitioned
from producer to industry trendsetter when he launched his own brand, turned record label in
2020, DPMO. The brand has been synonymous with FuntCase and his top tier curation for
years under the Circus Records Umbrella.

Beyond his belligerent dubstep cuts, FuntCase regularly reveals his unmasked self to
interact with his dedicated community. When he’s off the stage, FuntCase is an avid gamer
with a fast-rising community on Twitch, sharing laughs with his viewers and swapping
production tips with new producers. Often nestled at home with his cats and loved ones, it’s
clear that FuntCase exhibits a split personality: the masked menace flailing about onstage to
a crowd of thousands of headbangers versus the fun-loving, pokémon obsessed, gamer who
values friendship and collaboration.

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