Origin: United States

FRQ NCY played drums in a school band and they started playing metal with a lot of inspiration from Slipknot and Lamb of God. He was just 15 years old when his friend got him FL Studio, called just Fruity Loops back then. He drew early inspiration to write electronic music from the likes of Flume and Deadmau5 and later on from seeing acts like G Jones and Bassnectar play live.

He’s known for his expertise in sound design, mixdowns, and churning out tons of tracks in a short period of time. He delivers a uniquely heavy sinister sound with his songs. Layered melodies with quantized drum patterns set an eerie and powerful atmosphere for his listeners.

His latest project release was his Perplexity EP in 2018 which was co-written with Philly based producer Mindset. The EP was released via the highly acclaimed Saturate Records. Since the Perplexity EP, he has self-released roughly 8 singles with a total of 230,000+ streams via SoundCloud alone. Amidst this abundance of releases, his co-written “Clck Clck” with Esseks has gained notoriety from fans and producers alike.

Fresh off supporting two headline tours: Yheti/NastyNasty in Spring of 2019 and Buku/Esseks in Fall of 2019 he’s played in most if not all of the major markets across the USA. Additionally playing key support roles on one-off shows in NYC and ATL for acts such as Noisia, G Jones, and Peekaboo.

FRQ NCY’s latest release was his single Rubberband on Insomniac’s Bassrush. He’s hinted at an EP to follow with Bassrush sometime later this Spring. Then plans to write a full album for his next release.


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