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Feii Vega

Origin: Mexico

The feminine scene presence of the Dj is becoming stronger and properly recognize. Combining beauty and charisma, but especially true talent and passion for music with excellent performances full of energy, magnificent technique, clean mixes and each presented Dj set full of harmony. Feii Vega Dj guarantees her works success in people’s satisfaction. With 6 years of excellent career remains strongly accepted from the audience, not only in Puebla her home town, but all over Mexico having multiple and continuous presentations. Versatile, expert, with a great musical taste and perceptive with her audience, she easily fires up a Clubbing night, at a themed or private event, as well as the most recognized and international electronic music festival.

Born on February 9th in Puebla, Mexico; since childhood she showed passionate for music and arts, she found herself versatile and inquiring for everything related to art, participated willingly and successfully at diverse performances, such as Ballet, Dance, Chore, Sing, Oratory, Choreography and Guitar. The constant interaction with Dj’s within her family and close friends, helped her visualized herself with a turntable captivating people with her mixes and music. Influenced by commercial Dj’s, mainly attracted for Gigi D’Angostino; Dj Tiesto captivates her into trance genre and made her fell she’s being transported to another level.

After a long search of where to learn and approaching to Dj’s that taught her without success, she didn’t quit her gold, she kept searching and found information about a Dj’s school opening in Puebla. Excited about it she looked for her parents support to join this new school. She has such motivation and persistence, and still months to go for the opening but Feii contacted Jerry Tapia Dj, founder of Cue Play Dj Academy Puebla, but she was surprised and disappointed that the great opening will be on August 2008, and December 2007 has just begin. Feii has such determination, that in January 2008 she achieves her parents and Jerry to appreciate such passion and interest to learning and to stand out. Feii immediately started with intensive classes, showing her great and natural Dj talent. 3 months later she has opportunities to present at private events, Night Clubs and Cue Play Dj Academy Events, she impressed with her technique, charisma, energy and humility, immediately her professionalism and talent was recognized. 6 years of a successful professional career, has placed her as one of the top favorite female Dj, beyond her beauty.

Multiple events sharing the cabin with lots of top National Dj’s, making warm up and Dj’s international, executing sets full of sparkle and energy. Leaving her shyness backstage, magnetic and energetically taking over the turntable.
Constant success at Night Clubs, Fashion Shows, Festivals, Massive school Events, private or among business people, her versatility leads her from fresh and commercial Pop, till the most sublime House, Tech House, Techno and Retro genre 80’s, 80’s, 200’s beats, satisfying what audience wants. Using exclusive remixes or from her own authorship, she creates a personalized and specific style, giving her more success with the audience and also with the businessman who hires her, which search to realize a profitable event.

Feii Vega keeps moving forward, committed, highly positioning at the local and national Dj field, also making international presence due to social networks and YouTube, winning contests and polls done by pages, networks, clubs and companies from the Pro Dj field. Motivated and committed even more for these successes and awards to her work at Mixing, gives more of her, standing out already as one on the great Mexican female Dj’s. Her talent, work, good sense and perseverance have taken her to become Sub Director and Partner business at Cue Play Dj Academy Puebla. Young and talented entrepreneur, artist, professional and a humble human being. Just about to start as a Dj Producer, with high quality tracks, with a national release of the new album, hopes to increase her success among audience. Completely committed to transcend in the Dj scene, she continuous professionally her career with the intention to keep standing out national and internationally as a Dj, Producer, Remixer, Vocalist and Dj Entrepreneur. Feii Vega, stunning and unstoppable. Proudly woman, Dj, poblana and Mexican.


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