Genre: Dubstep

Origin: United States

Born and raised in Tampa, FL, Evan Cazes, known behind the decks as Evalution, first discovered his passion for music at eight years old. After pressing the keys of his father’s grand piano for the very first time, his infatuation with music grew exponentially. Evalution quickly took on other instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, and drums, and, he began to develop his musical style and personal tastes by learning to play songs from his early musical influences such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

As Evalution continued improving his performance skills and expanding his knowledge of music he was eventually exposed to the art of DJing. Within his first year at Florida State University, Evalution earned himself weekly residencies at Tallahassee’s premier nightlife venues: Potbelly’s Concert Garden, TENN Nightclub, G.V.O. Nightclub, and Recess Nightclub. It was during this time that Evalution discovered his passion for music production. Since beginning the self-taught journey of music production in 2018, Evalution has honed his craft and released MANY TRACKS, REMIXES, AND MASHUPS that have garnered support from some of the biggest names in the industry, such as ADVENTURE CLUB, Blunts & Blondes, TVBOO, BAWLDY, CHOMPPA, Jeanie, and more.

As of the writing of this biography, Evalution has upwards of 15k monthly listeners on spotify and has gained over half a million SoundCloud plays. He has also landed premieres with largely recognized blogs in the EDM community, such as HeardItHereFirst, Electric Hawk, EDM Identity, Headbang Society, Wubaholics, and more. Fresh off of his new release via Excision’s Subsidia Records, Evan is currently sitting on a large back-catalog of unreleased material and is ready for a monumental 2021.


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