Genre: Trap

Origin: United States

Hailing from the city of Chicago, Scott Kehres is the mind behind Emurse. Having studied music theory for over a decade, as well as being a trained guitarist, pianist, bassist and percussionist, Kehres strives to push the boundaries of the melodic side of electronic music. While also being a visual designer and audio engineer, Kehres writes, mixes, masters and designs the artwork for each release; ultimately being a one-man show for the Emurse project. Kehres has worked with Electric Hawk, Trap City, Andrew Huang, Tommee Profitt, Dektora, The Wave Stage, Trap Nation, Vibe.Digital, Liquid Ritual, and Delphic Syndicate. He has scored various films, such as Orange Curtain and Living Room, and composed music for the commercial space with clients such as BMW, RISK, and Indian Motorcycle.


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