Origin: United States

DrumDrop started as an idea when Jordan was DJing. Coming from a live music background, he grew bored playing pre-recorded music and wanted to have the same live feeling while DJing. Seeing the market flooded with so many cookie-cutter acts he also thought that adding live drums would shake things up and reinvigorate a genre dominated by acts just pressing play and fist pumping.

Cueing songs while drumming wasn’t practical however, so Jordan approached his friend and colleague, Colin who had experience DJing as well. Musically, Jordan’s love for EDM and Colin’s strong history in Hip-Hop, created a great mix of influences that gave further unique dimension to this act.

Mixed with Jordan’s background in performing rock shows and Colin’s award winning live production experience, they had the knowledge base to create a show unlike any other experience in the dance music world.

Working together at one of the biggest entertainment marketing agencies in Hollywood, they realized they also had the experience and connections to create a brand, visual assets, and marketing vision that would be second-to-none in the industry. From the music, to the live show, to the brand marketing, DrumDrop is not here to be yet another DJ act, but rather to elevate the game.


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