DJ Drone aka Droneskie, is a bonafide jungle/drum and bass veteran in the city of Los Angeles. Member of the infamous JUNGLIST PLATOON (est.1994) and RESPECT DNB (est.1999) organizations for over 10 years, his passion for the sound is firmly rooted.

1996 was his first major exposure to “rave” culture and thus spawned his intrigue with jungle. The breakbeats running rampant slowly pulled him toward discovering now legendary L.A acts such as R.A.W, Curious, Deacon, E-Sassin and of course, Junglist Platoon. By 2003, his idols were now friends and Drone found himself in the midst of the Los Angeles drum and bass elite.

Forward to 2007 and Drone has played for every major drum and bass promoter in southern California. He picks up a few new tricks which include adjusting to the developing “digital” era of the industry. Along the way a new spark is ignited. Production.

Now in 2013, with the production flame fully ignited, his first official digital release becomes available via local homegrown label BELL RINGER RECORDS. Over the years, his DJ sets have become legendary in their own right. He hopes to achieve the same with his original recordings. Please welcome Droneskie!


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