Genre: Progressive House

Origin: Argentina

Matias Nicolas Perez, known as DIFFER, was born on February 20, 1990 in Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His passion for music began at the very young age of thirteen. His first visit to a nightclub, Adrogue Chico, sparked an interest, a fire and a passion to become a DJ that would never fade. He got his feet wet at the age of fifteen, when he started DJing, open-format style, at all sorts of local social events. He enjoyed playing open format for about three years. But then…. He discovered electronic music. And that’s when everything changed.

Leaning on the inspiration provided by Barem, Ernesto Ferreira, Deep Mariano, and with the help of Facundo Dominelli, he made his nightclub debut at Diosa Gaia Adrogue, on Saturday, September 18, 2010. It was a day that changed his life… a day he will never forget.

His brilliant performance led to one gig after another. Soon enough he was playing at Pellegrini Club, INK Cañitas, INK Palermo, Pinar De Rocha, Club Leloir , HUV, Club Mics, Go!, Rosko, Petecos, Opium Palermo, Eximia, Luva, Cluster Bar, among many others. Staying true to Tech House, Micro House, Progressive House and with the all-out support from his parents and siblings, DIFFER left to the United States. In March of 2015, he set his eyes on new goals, international ones.

In 2016, having found a new home in Miami, Florida, DIFFER made the acquaintance of Zeus Morales, the booth manager at E11even Club. Zeus took his chances and gave DIFFER his first chance to shine in the US. With confidence and talent, his performance at E11even opened huge doors for him across the states. Soon enough he was playing at TERRACE (Las Vegas), Attic (New York). In Miami, he was blessing the dance floors at Heart Night Club, TRADE, Floyd, Treehouse, ORA, WALL, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, SQL, Wynwood 5th Ave, Blind Pig and The Dirty Rabbit.

While some would consider this quite a success, it wasn’t enough for DIFFER. He wasn’t completely happy just playing other’s music. He wanted to be able to play his own. In 2017, he began producing. This lead to his first EP Release – FAKE JUNGLE – including FLY 1304 (Original Mix) and Fake Jungle (Original Mix) out on Prisoner Of Love Records.

Today DIFFER has released on labels like Anima Somins, Chillin Music, Cedez Music, Hatching Creatures, Espaci_o, Prisoner of Love, and WMAL. In June 2018, his track – Little C (Original Mix) – entered the top 100 on Beatport brought him more recognition and resulted in steady growth within the Miami house music scene. Grasping onto this success, he teamed up with his good friend, Santiago Ibanes, and they launched their own label, B79MUSIC, which is also recognized in the US for having the only Studio Live Streaming Sessions with a unique view of Miami.

Today DIFFER holds a residence at Do Not Sit On The Furniture. He is known for his unique style of DJing, providing no line to follow, using wise management techniques he acquired from his early days of playing open-format. He’s been recognized for developing his sound and extending it into the realms of Techno, Progressive House, Tech House, Micro House, Minimal / Deep Tech, and interspersing sounds, melodies, and voices of funky and retro. He’s also acquired a special liking and has been seen many times rocking those extended sets of 10 to 15 hours. Without a doubt, there is a bright future for DIFFER.


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