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Consouls, is and always will be a sound representation of the new generation. Focussing on any and all sounds that inspire energetic movement, Troy and Shane from the Los Angeles area have taken the scene by storm. With releases on Viper, Technique, Get Hype Records, Soulvent Records, and Patrol The Skies (with many more on the horizon), the sky is the limit for these two young artists. If you’ve been to an Insomniac festival within the last year, chances are high that you’ve seen their name placed beneath the bass stage. The dynamic duo themselves have been featured on festivals and club nights such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland, Funktion, Respect, Xcellerated, Timeless and more recently, Hospitality In The Park in London.

The team got their first taste of blood when they won The EDC Discovery Project in Las Vegas. By submitting a triumphant production along with a ground-trembling mix, they earned themselves a slot to perform at the largest Electronic Dance Music festival in The United States. As some may consider this a climactic moment, it soon proved to be anything but, as the boys were just getting started. Soon after, their freshman release “Preamble” on Patrol The Skies charted #6 in the drum and bass releases chart on Beatport in its first week, spearheaded by their hit song “Dreamer” Featuring Daniel Hunter Jones. These two passionate individuals stay tirelessly involved in their beloved drum and bass community, pioneering the very first United States drum and bass producer collective aptly named- The Database.

As drum & bass continues to surge in popularity in the United States, slowly approaching the level of reverence it receives in the UK, you can expect to find Consouls leading the charge. Their energy and sincerity will appeal to fans of all genres as they bridge the gap in a new generation of fans.


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Currently living: In a TRVP house

Origin of name:
Consouls was established on the idea of two souls with a passion for music.

Weapon of choice:
Birthday cakes

Source of Power:
The drums and the basses

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
Don’t overthink it. Let your sound showcase organically through personal creativity, while at the same time, creating a mix that would inspire YOU at a festival.

Blurb yourself:
From the beginning, music has always been our most consistent outlet of expression. As individual artists, we noticed a similar pattern of emotional value and creative style in our music. The sheer consistency that music has had in our lives early on would later fuel the creative motivations that led to Consouls today. We can only hope to continue to share the same consistency and values with everyone, which we as a duo thrive on.

What do your parents think of what you are doing?
Besides the constant reminder that we are their retirement plan, they’ve been nothing but supportive with our endeavors.

Do you have any memorable moments from past EDCs or any other Insomniac party?
Prior to establishing the duo, we both attended EDC 2014 after only knowing each other for a short amount of time. We can’t categorize these memories into just one night. This specific weekend was so incredibly inspiring for us because looking back, this event would define the future of Consouls as a whole. As aspiring artists, we’d consistently catch ourselves speechless watching the world-class talent that the bassPOD offered, hoping we’d someday take part in it.

Tell me about your most memorable night out as an artist or as a fan.
Our most memorable night as Consouls would hands-down be our debut set at Timeless DNB in Los Angeles. This night was so unreal for us because of the amount of people in attendance with such an absolute ridiculous amount of energy. This night set the bar for us as artists and will continue to be a driving force in our career.                   

How important is it for you to experiment and take on the risk of failure?
Experimentation in music is essential to success. Without pushing the boundaries of music production, half of the music in this industry would never come to fruition. Our song submission came to life through these two crucial principles. Had we never culminated this collaboration with Wraith, this forward-thinking track would never have reached its full potential.

What should everyone just shut the fuck up about?
Shane’s selfies—they’re art.

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture?
Not only are we excited to see the rise of drum & bass in the United States, but we are also honored to be involved with such a thriving generation of American talent. Producers like Koronis, Wraith, Kronology, Dip Vertigo and Divine Elements are making such serious noise, how could we be anything but privileged to be right in the middle of this? #StatesideStatic


Consouls – EDC Las Vegas 2015 Competition Entry by Consouls on Mixcloud



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