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Captain Hook

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Captain Hook is one of the top artists, musicians and producers in the Psychedelic & Progressive Trance scene. Traveling a diverse musical path, Reshef Harari has always achieved success guided by the frequencies. From the early days of DJing with vinyl, through the successful collaborative project Quantize, the visit to Techno- land as Sheff with releases at top labels, and finally as Captain Hook, the project that took the world by a storm. Always following his unique vision he keeps innovating and never stagnating. With four top selling albums at Iboga Records, countless singles and compilation releases. Collaborating with the best electronic music producers, Captain Hook has been playing in every conceivable festival, party and venue around the world.

With his latest album – ‘Origin’ – released on November 2018, Captain Hook re- invented his sound yet again, going back to his origins and blending modern and vintage approaches of creating and producing Trance music. The album was released digitally, on CD and on a triple vinyl with a powerful audio-visual concept. It’s a full experience, a true journey into a deep hypnotic trance, The ‘Origin’ experience is being embraced globally by dancefloors and music lovers as a fresh breeze in the forest of Psychedelic Trance and beyond.

Reshef Harari was fifteen when he began walking the path of experimenting with sounds. He started collecting vinyl and practiced mixing for hours. Soon he took it to dancefloors and at the age of seventeen he started DJing at various parties. The doors of perception to the world of Psytrance were first opened through his brother Rahav and one of Israel’s Psytrance pioneers Asher Haviv, who took him deep into this rabbit hole. Another major impact on his creation was the Minimal Trance wave of that time with artists such as Paps, Yumade, XV Kilist, Atmos and Bitmonx to name a few, who inspired his deep crunchy tone.

A job at a sound company followed, where he learned the process of compressing and EQing using analog gear. In 2003 he teamed up with Domo records, and started DJing as a part of the label. That same year he founded the project Quantize with Adi Ashkenazi. The duo released music with various labels, and their debut album ‘Time’ was released in 2009 at Iboga Records. After 7 years of collaboration, in 2010 they went their separate ways.

It was then time for Reshef to define his own unique voice as Captain Hook. Keeping his close ties with Iboga, Reshef started remixing, testing his interpretation to classic tunes while at the same time collaborating with his colleagues who inspired him. Popularity sparked with his debut album ‘Human Design’, released in 2011, which took him on an expedition around the world for the next 3 years. The album featured collaborations with Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Perfect Stranger, Loud, Tetrameth & others, giving each track a unique sound design.

Traveling across the world and performing at festivals expanded Reshef’s horizons and filled his mind with new ideas. For the next two years, while on the road he was working on a double remix album “Akashic Library”, hand picking the finest most unique pieces of music, the album was released in late 2013. Since then Reshef has been responsible for a series of innovative and highly successful singles and EP releases and has been upgrading his creative process venturing deeper into the world of analog equipment and incorporating live elements into his productions, exploring new musical realms and soundscapes, leading to the release of his latest album – ‘Origin’.

Captain Hook has been playing in some of the world’s best festivals, parties and venues. Among them: Universo Paralello, XXXPerience, Tribe, Adhana, BAT & Atmosphere in South and Central America; Burning Man, Symbiosis Gathering, Dreamstate, Global Eclipse Gathering & Eclipse Pyramid Lake in the United States, Boom, Ozora, Fusion, Glade, Antaris Project, Freqs of Nature, Psy-Fi & Airbeat One in Europe, Rainbow Serpent, Eclipse Festival and Earthcore in Australia.


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