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Genre: Dubstep

Origin: United States

The North Carolina-raised, 22 year old artist, hails into the electronic music scene with his unique sounds & funky styles of flow. Using is soulful taste in music, he incorporates it into his music to induce more character to his sound. 
 His music was previously released with the big names of Disciple RT, Odio Records, Interval Audio, Buygore, Most Addictive and Rude Service. Over the past year, he has gained a big amount of an audience and continues to gain more listeners. BB has even gained support for his releases from big names as in Tisoki, Moore Kismet, Barely Alive, Leotrix, Oolacile, Cyclops, NVADRZ and many more! 
 He wants to pursue this journey into the realm of electronic music and take the sky and above as motivation to never give up on a legacy in the making.


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