Origin: Brazil

Alok is an individual who possesses a very strong musical root. Raised in a family where his parents (Swarup and Ekanta) and the twin brother (Bhaskar) are artists of the electronic scene, his universe has revolved around music since he was 10 years old starting in your own home, the “Universo Paralello Festival”, third largest festival of alternative music in the world produced by your family.

The early start made him a proactive producer alongside his brother with the project “Logica” which added to the current solo career, totals more than a decade of work. More than 15 years later, Alok dedicates his time relentlessly to become one of the most prominent icons of the Brazilian scene, with honors and awards, such as: “Best Dj in Brazil” two consecutive times,besides being elected at the end of last year Top Dj 19th of the world for the British magazine “DJ Mag”. This year, he became the only Brazilian to join the Billboard unpublished list with the 100 best Djs in the world, the Billboard Dance 100, occupying the 72nd position, besides becoming the only Brazilian to reach 320 million plays on the world’s premier music platform, Spotify, where he also became the first Brazilian to be present at the TOP 100 Global with hits ‘Hear Me Now’, ‘Never Let Me Go’ , ‘Big Jet Plane’ and the recently released hit ‘Ocean’. After that, Alok became known to the public as a visionary DJ.

In 2016, Alok toured several countries across all continents, playing in the biggest festivals and stages, spreading his style popularly called “Brazilian Bass”. That same year, the artist received the recognition of his work that, along with tireless hours of dedication, ended up attracting important achievements, such as: contracts signed with the Dutch label Spinning Records and William Morris (WME), considered one of the largest agencies of artists of the world.

Already in 2017, the expansion of the artist spread in China making him become one of the DJ’s of greatest exposure currently in the territory. Alok also achieved great exposure in the US and Europe, averaging 4 tours in each continent and approximately 15 shows in each region. Another important point was the signing of a contract to join the casting of artists from Warner Music, one of the world’s leading record companies. Still in 2017, was chosen by Forbes Brazil Magazine as one of the 30 most influential Brazilians, also signed the Mick Jagger’s remix for “Gotta Get a Grip” and is currently a most popular song of the british singer on Spotify.

In the first half of 2018 he performed at major festivals, toured the US and Asia, performed in Mexico and for the first time led an independent electric trio at the Salvador Carnival, dragging a crowd at the Barra Ondina circuit. He became the only Brazilian to join the Billboard unpublished list with the 100 best Djs in the world, Billboard Dance 100, occupying the 72nd position. Conquered 36 shows in a single month.

At the end of April, Alok released the single ‘Ocean’, a song based on a true story and that featured an 8-minute video / short film starring Rodrigo Santoro, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Genésio de Barros and Maria Manoella. Currently, the song has more than 60 million streams.

Alok is very attached to social actions and argues that our happiness depends on the happiness of others.

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