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Price: Free

Genre: House

Origin: United States

Allison Idella, better known as ALLIESUN is a 23 year old DJ & producer finding her place in the musical space. This LA based ray of sunshine is starting her career on the right foot. Finding her sound in funky bass lines, Alliesun is the perfect new add for your music library. Allie’s mix series Get Groovy With Me is a fine example of her intricate and mesmerizing song selection. Also heavily involved in the curation of the GRLGANG playlist, Alliesun has kept herself busy while still perfecting her craft. Though her discography isn’t full of EPs and singles just yet, Alliesun is a producer authentically building her skill and brand to connect with listeners in a more positive and rewarding way. Determined to be able to be her own sunshine-y self while still making the music she wants, not what society thinks her brand is capable of making, Alliesun is a star in the making.


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