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Alex Alecio

Born in a family with musical talent, Jovanni Alexander Alecio (Alex Alecio) learned how to play the violin, saxophone, clarinet at a young age. Growing up most of his friends at the time were listening to hip hop, R&B, Reggaeton; while they were into that he always had a thing for electronic music. Trance was the genre that caught his attention the most., listening to it while doing his homework, before going to bed and on his spare time. Once he started to get more involved in the scene and getting to see his favorite DJs rock the party he was amazed. His passion for the music kept growing and growing. He started making mixes in his bedroom for his pleasure and for his friends. After being a bedroom DJ for 1.5 years he decided to take his DJing to the next level and take it seriously. Playing at local clubs in Hollywood, CA such as Circus Disco, Green Door/Cabana, Arena and Bluemoon Nights to name a few. Keep an eye for this guy and catch him in your local club soon.


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