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Genre: Future Bass

Origin: United States

San Diego-based producer 3CHO (“Echo”), is a rapidly rising talent within the electronic music industry. Offering a diverse range of dramatic and melodious elements, 3CHO structures his unique sound within genres such as Future Bass and Melodic House. 
 In June of 2022, 3CHO broke into the mainstream with his debut track ‘Hold Me’, which surpassed 60,000+ streams in 4 months, gaining recognition from platforms such as Airwave Label, The ‘Nations’, and Eonity. In September 2022, he released ‘Help Myself’, which is quickly becoming a critical and commercial success, gaining 100,000+ streams during its first month of release. 
 Amassing 1M+ streams in just 8 months, 3CHO has been featured on industry platforms such as EDM House Network, the #1 leading EDM network in the US, and The Music Essentials, Indias #1 EDM publication, having a combined reach of 7M+. Additionally, 3CHO has been featured on radio broadcasts such as Exhibition FM, EJazz Radio, and The Sound Lab. He is now in the process of finishing up ‘Ashes’, his first studio album. 
 3CHO brings his unique sound to life via his live shows, which have dominated popular venues such as Iridescent Festival, Propaganda, and Extravaganza. He has also opened for popular names such as Taska Black, Tokimonsta, and Said The Sky.


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