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You probably recognize Tommy Trash by his mop of hair that fervently thrashes behind the decks. Upbeat, high-energy and armed with a big grin across face, he’s an unlikely breath of fresh air in a world of stereotypically somber (if not boring) top-shelf DJs.

While the Grammy-nominated producer is known as much for his party bangers as his play-hard approach to his craft, it’s not always fun and games. His meticulous production has also landed him platinum records on labels ranging from Fool’s Gold to Owsla to Boys Noize, as well as the respect of crowds and the media alike.

We sat down with the Australian producer on a studio break in Montreal and read his tarot cards.

My life is quite stable right now, but it’s true that there is a concern I have about my future.

Have you ever had a tarot reading before?
It’s been years, I think. I don’t remember much.

Not to worry. We can do a general reading and see what’s going on in your life. It will be a simple spread called a Celtic Cross.
Awesome! I am excited.

Great, so the card in the first position is the 5 of Pentacles.
This card is the center of your reading and indicates what your general concerns may be. Here, I would say you’re concerned about perhaps a change in professional direction. The other cards in the spread are pointing to transition in general, to be honest. None of it is negative, but we’ll get to that in a moment.
It’s interesting you say that, because I am considering moving some parts of my work and music in a new direction. It’s all the positive self-questioning, though, as my fanbase knows me for a very specific musical direction and product. But I have lots of different musical passions, and I would like to be able to explore them more.

I am not surprised by that; if we look at the second card, it’s the 8 of Swords. This card lies at the point in the reading that serves as a foundation. Its message is to break free of the ties that bind you. But it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t type situation. Not easy, no matter what you do. But you really have to blindly accept that letting go of the past and moving toward the future is at the core of your life at this time. 
I see. Very interesting! I think like everyone, I look to the future; and change, though often good, isn’t always the easiest thing to tackle—whether in your career or personal life. It can be so exciting, though, and I think it is important to question things and make changes if they need to happen.

Great. Well, the card that’s in your recent past position is the King of Pentacles. Strangely, you have the Queen of Pentacles in your near future position.
You have a lot to look forward to and a new and bright cycle of creativity. 
Brilliant, I’m not going to complain about that! 

In your present position, we have the Six of Cups—a super positive card, one of childlike wonder and happiness, as well as fondly remembering the past. I would say, based on some of the upcoming cards, to remember that action follows thought. Keep your thoughts focused and happy, and so too shall be your outcome.

In the near future position, we have the Queen of Pentacles. 
I touched on this before, but I sense a few things with this card. It could very well mean a practical, grounded woman will come into your life. But I see this as a new way of managing the way in which you conduct yourself professionally. It’s more the emotional, nurturing side of logic—bringing work to the home place, or doling out solid advice to the people around you. 
Well that’s good news, if the first card suggested worry.

Indeed. Now, the next card represents you and the energies you are—or should be—bringing in, and it’s the 7 of Wands.
This card is about standing your ground and choosing your battles wisely. It’s also about a lot of hard, often creative, work. It’s also about working past obstacles with success. If there is adversity afoot, don’t pay it any mind. The competition will bring out the best in you, but make sure you can trust the people close to you. Be wise, and stick up for yourself.

The next card, which represents the people around you, is called Judgment.Quite obviously, it’s about assessment and being judged. But the card’s image is also about people rising from their graves on the Day of Judgment, so I have always seen this to be a bit of a wakeup call. This card tends to be a positive judgment in the end, and you don’t have much negativity in this reading. I’d see it as a good sign, but make no mistakes: You’re being watched, and you’re being judged. As the last card suggests, do your homework and mind details. You’re totally going to be a… star! Which is the card comes next in your hopes position.
For someone like you, I see this as a wholly good thing. The card always carries with it a deep message of cleansing and connecting with the flow of the universe. It’s a good sign, no matter how you look at it. It’s also about integration and connection with your life’s purpose. So again, be practical, work hard, and mind your details.
Got it!

I have a good feeling overall about you and the reading, but understand that nothing about it indicates fast changes. I would say that it’s all going to happen in its own timing. The last card in the reading is the ultimate outcome. Here, we have the 4 of Pentacles.
This is interesting, since the message here is about financial prudence. Considering the reading, I would say again: Do your math! And everything will work out fine.
Thanks so much—that was crazy!

All photos by Catie Laffoon

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