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While EDC Las Vegas might be one of the biggest, most spectacular events on the festival calendar, there are often a few happenings every year that really draw everyone’s attention. Above & Beyond uniting the generations on Saturday night was one, while another was the enigmatic DJ/producer known as Marshmello supposedly revealing his secret identity.

Since the beginning, Marshmello has played the tried-and-tested game of concealing his identity, hiding behind a mask that offers an approximation of his namesake in all performances and press shots, and really playing up the secrecy in a fashion that has encouraged endless speculation that he’s actually another famous producer in costume.

This was played up for laughs on Saturday when Marshmello removed his mask onstage for the first time, to reveal himself to be Dutch leviathan Tiësto.

Except of course, Marshmello is not actually Tiësto. While the difference in accent might be one of the giveaways, the other major one is the fact Dancing Astronaut photographed the pair chilling together backstage shortly before the “big reveal.”

Prank or no prank, it was the source of a lot of laughs. Watch the big moment below.

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