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In our Video Surveillance series, we comb through hours of footage to gather the most eye-catching visuals and unique storylines and bring you the best music videos of the month. Happy watching.

10. Tame Impala “‘Cause I’m a Man”

Psychedelic rockers Tame Impala get the ultimate Muppet treatment in their new video for “‘Cause I’m a Man.” Crafting puppets to reflect each member of the group, directors Dan DiPaola and Megan McShane recruited six puppeteers to mimic the live band. With everything from playing their specially crafted mini instruments to the in-time headbanging, the production team amazingly captures all the trippiness and swagger of Tame Impala’s live show.

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9. Bomba Estéreo “Fiesta”

Colombian trio Bomba Estéreo say their name is coined from a Colombian term meaning “a really cool, awesome, badass party.” From the looks of their ocular conception for “Fiesta,” they live up to the hype. A visual feast created with black-light paint and computer graphics, “Fiesta” takes their tribal vibes out of this world with a Space-Invaders-meets-Amazonian-dance-party theme. While not a high-budget feature, “Fiesta” shows how far a little creativity and innovation can go in creating a thoroughly engrossing experience for the viewer.

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8. Seven Lions ft. Sombear “A Way to Say Goodbye”

Known for his penchant for fantasy, Seven Lions goes full fairy tale for his latest creation, “A Way to Say Goodbye.” The electro house track gets a magical spin with a theatrical tale that falls somewhere between Narnia and Alice in Wonderland. The aesthetics of the feature are the truly applause-worthy aspect, with the elaborate costuming, set design, and special effects all playing an integral role in bringing this fable to life.

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7. The Chemical Brothers ft. Q-Tip “Go”

If the Chemical Brothers are known for anything besides years of chart-topping productions or their four Grammy awards, it’s their zany visual creations that bring their eccentric beats to life. For the lead single off their upcoming album Born in Echoes, “Go,” the Brothers recruited legendary auteur and frequent collaborator Michel Gondry, the mastermind behind cult classic films like The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Gondry brings his expertise in mise en scène to create a futuristic dance-off soundtracked by the Brothers. No special effects needed, Gondry uses costumes, good location scouting, a genius eye for camera angles, and some interesting choreography for an out-of-this-world feeling. Gondry’s spin on “Go” brings us a heavy dose of nostalgia for his first foray into electronic music, when he directed Daft Punk‘s “Around the World” video back in 1997.

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6. Alesso ft. Sirena “Sweet Escape”

Alesso is making a major splash with his recently released debut album Forever and standout track “Sweet Escape.” Playing with traffic symbols, the clip for the latter creates an entire alternate reality that includes the ultimate underground (literally) dance party we’ve only dreamt of. The dazzling CGI effects are the perfect sync for Alesso’s hyphy instrumentals and create an eye-locking world of flashing lights and enviable dance moves. We also catch cameos from an ultra suave Alesso spitting game and macking on chicks. Sigh, DJ life must be so tough.

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5. Squarepusher “Stor Eiglass”

Electronic pioneer Squarepusher has been expanding music palates for more than two decades with his mind-boggling productions and experimental beatcrafting. As if his music weren’t already trippy enough, he has teamed up with artists Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), Blue Zoo and Rob Pybus to create a complete virtual reality to accompany his latest track, “Stor Eiglass.” The aural roller-coaster doesn’t stop there; the squad has also teamed up with YouTube’s 360 platform, so viewers can control how they navigate Squarepusher’s contrived world. The result is a sensory wonderland that could definitely give you motion sickness if you’re not careful. Buckle up; you’re in for a wild ride.

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4. Paul Kalkbrenner “Cloud Rider”

As self-proclaimed beat freaks, we all understand the power of the gift of music. For Paul Kalkbrenner’s “Cloud Rider,” we set the scene with an enthusiastic, young lad trying to share his tunes for the better good, only to get shut down again and again. He gets jumped, maced and verbally assaulted in the pursuit of sharing his tracks, just to find himself robbed of his MP3 player by the end. We’re not willing to go that far to spread the beat disciple, but more power to you, bro.

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3. Duke Dumont “The Giver (Reprise)”

Duke Dumont has resurrected his house hit “The Giver” for another breath of life through our speakers. Playing off this theme of rebirth, the track’s visual makeover follows a Jesus-like figure as he emerges from the depths of the ocean and starts handing out blessings on blessings. Dumont’s 2K15 version of Jesus prefers stunner shades, making it rain, public intoxication, and inciting chaos rather than keeping the peace. It’s all good, though; dude can still hang.

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2. Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt “Some Minds”

The highly anticipated return of Flume is finally upon us, and by the looks of the official music video for “Some Minds,” team Flume is going all out for his comeback. Illuminating the lead single, the producer teamed up with famed director Clemens Habicht, responsible for videos from Tame Impala and Bloc Party. Habicht uses Australian landmark the Sydney Opera House as the focal point of the piece, using zoomed-in drone shots that explore the timeless architecture of the building. Once that glitchy drop hits, things get weird as Flume gets loose for a trippy boogie-down that falls somewhere between Gumby and The Matrix.

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1. Avicii “Waiting for Love”

One of Avicii’s many accolades includes his recognition as a trendsetter. It comes as little surprise that with his music video for “Waiting for Love,” he’s debuting a new technology set to change the game. Fresh from the YouTube lab, their new 360-interactive video support allows directors to shoot every angle of the space. Viewers can then explore things happening out of frame with the use of navigational arrows. With “Waiting for Love,” director Kurt Hugo Schneider capitalize on the technology’s capabilities with various doors that have dancers coming in and out from all directions. With the addition of some crazy filter tricks that create an Instagram-on-steroids vibe, Avicii and Schneider’s team-up represents a pivotal moment in the future of cinematography.

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