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It can get ugly when my friends and I start to battle it out for the coveted auxiliary cord. Everyone in my group fancies themselves a top selector (they all do have a decent set of ears; I will give them that), but agreeing on the right genre to play for the right sitch is where things tend to go wrong. We usually butt heads because one sound is getting too much love, and things get stale when the music is static.

Mr. Belt & Wezol have been racking up riotous reactions with their scene-sweeping productions, and the crowds just keep coming back for more. Although the Dutch duo are quickly closing in on a signature sounds that’s sending them straight to the top—their recent single with Freejak, “Somebody to Love,” says it all—the guys do get off on all manners of music. Genre doesn’t faze these soon-to-be giants.

“We selected five tracks for you guys which we think should be listened to ‘cause they’re just that well produced,” they say. “We’re commonly known for our housey tracks, but in our free time we actually listen to a lot of different stuff besides house. Therefore, our magical five contains all sorts of genres, from techno to ‘outrun electro’ and hip-hop—perfect to listen to while traveling to your next holiday destination or just plain old chilling at the beach.”

James Blake “Limit to Your Love” (Mr. Rich & Billy Kenny Edit)

Such a cool track! The original is amazing already, but our UK friends Mr. Rich & Billy Kenny gave it a grooving melody, and over the course of the track, they just keep adding elements—without the track getting a mess. Mind the details on this production; it’s insane! Best part: It’s free for download, so go fetch it!

Oliver Huntemann “Magnet”

What’s a top five without some techno? Being a frequent visitor to techno events ourselves, some techno tracks just stand out a bit more than others—this being one of them. The whole Paranoia album is insane, by the way, so go listen to that if you’re into this kinda stuff! For all the producers: Note the white noise, which is added to every bass stab every now and then for that extreme grid. Such a cool detail.

FM Attack “A Million Miles Away”

Wow, can’t believe this track is five years old already. This track is such a dreamy one, perfect for long drives or travelling in general. Try listening to this one when you’re on a five-hour flight and have the window seat. Pack your bags, stare out the window and crank this one up, cause you’re going on a feels trip.

Cashmere Cat “Wedding Bells”

With some productions, I just can’t get my head around how the idea of the track was born, this being one of those tracks. It has such a cool and crazy theme to it; I really feel like I’m in some part of Asia while listening to this track. It builds to this crazy euphoria when it drops, and even if you’re not into these kinda beats, you can’t deny the insane production skills on this one.

Mike Mago & Dragonette “Outlines” (Zonderling Remix)

Another free download, and not just any free download. This remix is, again, so well produced! A lot of new elements in it, but still paying respect to the original track’s elements. The guys from Zonderling are outstanding producers, and we can’t wait to see what else they will produce in the future.

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