Poised to become a major player in the international house scene, the mysterious Shiba San has managed to turn some heads—and ears—in the past few years. The Parisian producer, who is heavily touring across the US, is now sharing a new studio in Miami, bringing his brand of bass-heavy ghetto funk and classic house Stateside. Known for his supreme technical skill, he actually had roots in hip-hop before he decided to flip his script.

“I have been working on the Shiba San project for about four years, since the end of 2012. I decided to completely stop with hip-hop,” he says. “I didn’t see much more to do inside of hip-hop, or at least in France.”

The move proved to be a wise one, as he’s been busy packing dancefloors all over the world, from Detroit’s Movement to EDC to Holy Ship, to name a few. He’s also worked with labels including Dirtybird and Suara and remixed tracks for MK, Tiga and Denney. His breakthrough track “Okay” was named the Best Underground Dance Track of 2014 (WMC/ IDMA) and quickly climbed the Beatport General Charts to #3. Just a year later, he released “Burn Like Fire” on his own label, Basement Leak, and nabbed the same music award for a second consecutive year.

After taking a tiny hiatus from work in the new year, Shiba San will go on a US tour with MK next month.

“I’ve spent the past three years touring alone for the most part. I respect what MK does, and it’s going to be cool to be on the road with him!”

The prolific producer won’t stop there, though. “I have been hard at work, hammering out an enormous amount of new music,” he adds. “I have 18 tracks that I’ve finished but haven’t quite released on my label yet. There are others, too, but I’m still trying to figure out which labels they would fit best.”

We sat down with Shiba San to talk and do a tarot reading on (not surprisingly) his work. One may say that when it comes to his career, Shiba San knows how to work his ass off making us dance ours. It was clear from the get-go that he’s a workaholic of sorts. Not only that, but he’s standing on the threshold of a new cycle of success, both in his work and career in general. Read on to learn about our reading, the new doors that are opening in this exciting producer’s life, the benefits of solitude, and how his friends wish he could just slow down.

1. Central to your question: Knight of Air (or Knight of Swords)

Much communication surrounds you. There are conversations and options that are flying in front of you, so it’s important to choose wisely. As the card is not particularly high in terms of rank, it’s more the idea that you’re a student and not the teacher. In other words, it’s a time to receive. Soak in the new information that you have in front of you—and there is plenty going on—but approach everything with the eyes of a novice. You will be better served if you do. And do your best to be a good listener. Expect events to move quickly! Try your best not to get wrapped up in the madness of the pace, especially when it comes to big decisions.

2. In this case, deeper insight to your question: Eight of Earth (Eight of Pentacles)

This is the card that represents you, in essence, for this reading. It’s what you embody at this time. This card is the archetype of the hard worker. The classic image for the card is a man who hammers away, pounding out gold discs. Its energy is deliberate and often slow-moving. It’s earthen. It’s less someone who zips around, making deals and phone calls, and more someone who puts his head down and shoulders a great volume of creative work. He works alone. It often can denote a need to work on skill sets, rather than producing a greater volume of your craft. In your case, you are touring worldwide and mostly in the US, and have to get accustomed to its cultures and languages. While you are a producer and DJ, and that means you often work alone. I’m sure you are working on finding your place in your new surroundings, too. Maybe you could benefit from taking a class. Still, I get the sense that you are a very hard worker. It’s your essence and the cornerstone of how you got to where you are in your career to date. Eights are the symbol for infinity, and that comes up four times in your reading. They echo the cycle of death and rebirth and the different phases one takes during that journey.

3. Foundation of your life now: Two of Earth (Two of Pentacles)

This is the card of the juggler. It’s as if you have many spinning plates, and you must do your best to keep your balance and keep everything on track. It’s a card that comes up with people who travel often, too. It’s a hectic life and requires a lot of shifting to keep on balance. It can also denote a need to make a choice between two options—perhaps between different aspects of your life. For instance, work and personal—or just simply that you have two different paths before you and you have to choose one. This is the second time that a card based in infinity comes up in your reading. The third time is with the Magician. In terms of your life and career, there is definitely a cycle of change at hand.

4. Elements that are coming to pass: King of Earth (King of Pentacles)

The position of this card is more or less what you see in the rearview mirror. It’s still very much a part of your view, but not immediate. This is the card of a very hard worker and a man with a great deal of money and influence. It’s a much more potent version of that eight of pentacles in terms of work, abundance and power. Again, this man is alone. But in this case, he’s on a throne and not on a stool at work. The King of Pentacles is a man who keeps his commitments and has a great deal of integrity. I get the sense that you’re an honest worker and a trusted colleague. All the good you did in your past is how you got to where you are today. It’s also a good card to have behind you in a cycle, as it’s likely your future will be bright.

5. You at the present: The Magician (The Magician)

This is the third card that represents infinity in your reading. The Magician asks you to simply use your magic. At this point in your life and career, you know your strengths and weaknesses. Use them to your advantage, and have faith in all that you have come to know until this point. It’s also a card of new, often extremely positive beginnings. It’s time to plant some goals or seeds of manifestation. It’s likely that any advancement you wish to see will come to pass, so long as you work to keep in tune with your highest self. You have the power to shape your future. You’ve worked very hard to be where you are now. It’s also a card that asks you to take time to behold the magic in life. Take a step back, and consider your place in the universe. Look for little moments of synchronicity and wonder in your daily life. They too will guide you. Whatever the symbol of infinity means to you, embrace it. There are many different interpretations of its power. To me, it really looks like you are in a very exciting new place and have wisdom and experience that will lead to wonderful new places, people and opportunity.

6. The near future: The Dreamer (The Fool)

While you consider the magic of your place in the universe, dream! It’s important to dream big now. This is the card of one who takes a leap of faith. Embrace your inner child, and continue to seek out and enjoy the simple joys in life. Open your heart. It’s clear that you’ve worked very hard. You now are in a cycle of newness. You could maybe loosen the reins on your serious side and just go with the flow. This card works really well in this reading, as you have a very solid foundation. Mixed with the Magician, you are being given permission to be a little silly and have fun, so long as you are honest and high-minded in your intentions.

7. The energy that surrounds you now: Six of Earth (Six of Pentacles)

The message of this card is about solvency. It’s about personal success in career and finances, but also about giving or receiving charity. Perhaps there are people helping you out, or you are the one donating time, energy, opportunities, connections, or even cash to help out someone else’s fledgling career. It’s connected to the concept of tithing, or paying it forward. Helping others will help you. It’s also a time to be cleared of any debts and be balanced in your financial life. The card has a sense of good karma in it for this reading, as you have many positive aspects in it. I get the sense that you have given much of yourself and that you are receiving what you gave. You could also give to others now, and it would be of service to everyone involved. Good work! It’s very positive.

8. The energy of the people that surround you: Six of Fire (Six of Wands)

In a word, this card screams, “Victory!” The classic image of this card is a soldier who comes home on his horse, having won a battle, and the people in the town have received him joyfully in a parade. Like most of this reading, you’re on a roll. The people around you applaud you for your good efforts. Everyone is pleased. You’re the hero, more or less. And they do what they can to support you and your good image.

9. Advice: Eight of Water (Eight of Cups)

It’s probably the only card with a sadder feel to it in your reading. The cups are the suit of feelings, often romantic. The eight of cups is about leaving behind what doesn’t serve you. Since you are on a great cycle in this reading, I sense that it’s about leaving elements of your former life behind. Every time you’re on the precipice of something new, unfortunately there are things that become old and aren’t meant to come with you. The card can be about a breakup of sorts. Perhaps there is a relationship that is getting in your way. It’s like a snake that sheds its skin.

10. Outcome: The Hermit (The Hermit)

This card is the synthesis of the reading. It’s the most concise guidance, with its preceding cards coloring it. This card is kind of self-explanatory. Most of your success and guidance comes from within. You are a DJ, after all. It’s not as though you tour in a chamber quartet. Even when producing tracks, it’s not always a highly collaborative lifestyle. You fly alone, you stand behind the decks alone. But the card is also about meditation and seeking the answers you need from that alone time. You’re also a new man in a new place, so being alone may happen more often than you’re accustomed to. That isolation may feel lonely, but it’s actually good for you. It offers you the time and space you need to come up with new goals, new ideas, new creations, and even new ways of living. It echoes well with the Magician and the Fool, two other cards about men who are on a solo mission. While you may not be alone forever, much of your happiness and success is centered around spending a good time with number one. The quieter your life is right now, the more messages you will receive. There is a strong lesson throughout the reading to receive. You may have been more on the giving side before, but early in your new cycle of life, it’s time to learn, soak in, and take what the universe has to offer. Listen and learn. A spiritual teacher may come into your life now, too.

Overall, the reading is a very positive one. Do have any questions?

Not really! It’s amusing. I’ve never done this before. The only thing is that some parts of the reading counter what’s been in my life 15 years ago. We keep talking about work, and I actually took a new studio in Miami to be able to work properly between my tour dates, rather than staying at the hotel, watching time fly. My friends tell me that I really need to stop working so hard! All I did was work before. I have my 18 tracks that need to be sent out, a tour ahead, more gigs, but who knows. Thanks!

You can catch Shiba San doing his thing at Beyond Wonderland the weekend of March 24.

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