While dance music party culture is not a new phenomenon, it seems that only recently has the pursuit of it become less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle. From the beaches of Ibiza to the dancefloors of Gotham City, the culture is influencing where we go, what we listen to, and what we wear. For the occasional clubgoer, the need for a dedicated wardrobe might seem like overkill, but for the passionate dancers, DJs, cocktail connoisseurs, socialites, and performers who shine the brightest during the witching hours, the right fashion is essential. This is especially true when it comes to footwear.

For a woman trying to look her best on a Friday night, the default has been the ubiquitous pair of high heels. For years, they have served as a girl’s best friend, or her worst enemy, when it comes to nightlife apparel. Aesthetically, they are flattering, elevating and glamorous. Functionally, however, they can be hell to do anything other than draw attention to your legs while sitting. Now imagine walking—no, dancing—for hours on end, and with a drink or three in your system. Risky business indeed. Sneakers or Uggs are the most comfortable alternatives, but they are neither glamorous nor acceptable to the guardians of the velvet rope.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and who better to tackle this particular problem than someone with one foot, pun intended, in the world of fashion and another in dance music. Enter Farrah Mana Sabado, aka Miss Sabado. A world-traveled model, singer and New York City DJ with ties to the Burning Man community, she took on the challenge with a vengeance. Following a particularly torturous day modeling Louboutin’s infamous red-bottom head-turners back in March, she decided it was time for a sea change.

She wanted a pair of stylish shoes that she could wear throughout the day while traversing the city and into the night, where she would be either tearing up the dancefloor or standing for hours at a time in a cramped DJ booth, without resorting to ice packs in the morning. The shoes would need to be comfortable, glamorous and practical. This was a tall order. She needed a partner who could help breathe life into her vision. She found one in Modern Vice cofounder and shoe designer Jordan Adoni.

The result of their collaboration is the Miss Sabado collection, featuring three versions of the Donna boot—named after the disco queen herself, Donna Summer. When I ask why a boot, Miss Sabado says she “wanted a shoe that I feel protected wearing. I want to feel like I can kick someone’s ass in my shoes. (Laughs)” A closed-toe short boot with a chunky heel and a mirror ball-inspired silver foil reptile pattern may seem obvious to those who were around for the days of Studio 54, but it’s the details that are worth their weight in gold.

Made from premium lambskin leather, the Donna boots feature memory foam padding, heavy-duty on/off zips, spill-proof finishing, grippy outsoles, and a stash pocket for your “immediates.” As a twist, they are also available in fish-scale laser-cut rose gold leather and can be customized by Modern Vice. Wanna have your name emblazoned on the side? They can do that. Jordan tells me they are currently working on a flat, a loafer, a Chelsea boot, a version for men (with an eye on the drag queen community), and matching accessories.

Even if you go out only on the weekends, how could you dismiss a dancing shoe created by someone with “Saturday” (Sabado in Spanish) in their name?!

The Donna boot is available online or at the Modern Vice showroom in Midtown Manhattan. You can find Miss Sabado heading up the Modern Vice X Miss Sabado pop-up shop at the Freehand Hotel in Miami for Art Basel this December.

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