Preface: Those closest to me know what a food addict I am…this puts the story a bit into context!

Halloween 1992, my older sister and myself went trick-or-treating with our parents. After coming home and emptying our bags full of candy onto the table, I must have looked at my sister’s pile—and being a greedy two year old with a sweet tooth—realized that there were some items I clearly needed to have.

“I dumped half her loot into my own bag and started to make for the door.”

While my sister was naively sorting her candy, I started crying and making a fuss. When my mom came over to figure out what had happened, I pointed to my sister and explained in more or less words that she had been tormenting me (for reasons like this I feel bad for older siblings—not quite as easy to say your younger brother or sister is doing the teasing). While my mom took her to the side to chastise her, I dumped half her loot into my own bag and started to make for the door. Needless to say, it was pretty obvious after a few minutes what was really going on and I was forced to return not only her stolen candy, but also my entire bag of sweets. Total nightmare for me!

Luckily, I have since grown up and no longer steal candy from kids—just the French fries off my friends’ plates.

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