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A mad Alice in Wonderland.

I was playing at a sold out Halloween party a couple of years back and I was having a great time. The crowd was super responsive, and I was loving every minute of it.

Halfway into my set I get tapped on the shoulder. As I look around I see a young lady dressed up as a sexy Alice in Wonderland with a super short skirt on and fake blood coming out of her mouth. She asks me to take off my headphones and turn down the monitor speakers so she can ask me a question.

Bear in mind that she’s up on stage behind the decks for everyone to see. I look around to see why has she been able to access the stage and I see a bouncer/club owner dressed all smart giving me the nod of approval. I figure it’s got to be something important as she’s been allowed on stage while I play to a couple of thousand people.

I turn the monitor speakers down and take off my headphones and she asks the question…”Can you get on the microphone and ask where my friend is please, I haven’t seen her in 15 minutes.” I should have let her have a go on the decks too.

Catch D.O.D at Escape Psycho Circus on Saturday, October 31.

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