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We asked Angelz to share a childhood memory about Halloween. Here’s his story.

One of the first homes I lived in had a Blockbuster next door. As a kid, I’d watch movies all the time and quickly went through the popular movies to finally end up in the horror section. It became a challenge to constantly find the scariest movies to watch, so I guess it makes sense that Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.

The craziest one I can recall was when I was around 11; my friends and I all knew about this abandoned slaughterhouse 15 minutes from where we went to school. It was the creepiest place you can imagine in the middle of the woods, complete with condemned doors and windows.

We’d spent all day at school talking about how we were gonna go inside that night and take pictures before going trick-or-treating. When evening came around, we all showed up at the slaughterhouse and found a window that we could use to get in. The inside was pitch black and terrifying. No words can be used to describe how scared shitless we were when two of our other friends who we thought had chickened out actually had arrived earlier, got in and waited so they could pounce out of the darkness with their costumes and give us scares bigger than any horror movie could have.

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