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The way we see it, every Headliner is a hero in their own right. Together, we are living out the greatest adventure of a lifetime, and Insomniac Illustrated aims to eternalize our endless escapades in comic book form.

This year’s EDC Las Vegas was the perfect place to start the story, where we collectively celebrated our perpetual appreciation of music, art, love and self-expression. Flipping through the pages of the first edition will immediately immerse you in the colorful world we have the privilege of calling our home. Hopping from stage to stage, playing with the fantastical performers, being awestruck by the eye-catching art installations, and dancing alongside the roving art cars, the experience lives on in our minds and hearts—and now in comic strips.

Nocturnal Wonderland is where our saga picks back up, so make sure to bring your best selves to the festival, and you could very well be spotted in the next issue.

Illustrations by Jon Wesley



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