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No one can answer the “Is it a banger?” question better than a booked-up DJ on the frontlines, road-testing new releases on the regular. At the end of each month, we’ll be tapping a handful of selectors to find out which records have been popping off the most in their sets. These are the hottest jams according to some of our dopest DJ friends. Take it from them; they know what they’re talking about.


Eric Krasno “Waiting On Your Love”

Admittedly, this single came out a few months ago, but Eric’s hot new album was officially released on July 8, so I hope this is okay. I just had to include one of his tracks, and this one has everything I love about his music: incredible guitar playing, mature songwriting and a heavy dose of blues. Yeah!

Medasin ft. JOBA “Daydream”

No secret that I’ve been a fan of Medasin and his beat-making for a long time. He did an incredible job at remixing my track “Native Son,” and to be honest, pretty much everything he’s ever put out is seriously awesome. With this new track, he took it to another level.

Russ Liquid & Carneyval ft. Emily Nichols “Let Me Stay”

My man Russ Liquid teamed up with Carneyval, a rising artist out of Virginia, for this relaxed and at the same time strangely euphoric track. Great production all around. Russ gives it that live feel and it’s all tied together perfectly by the sultry vocals of Emily Nichols.

Gramatik “War of the Currents”

This track from my album Epigram just received a remix treatment from three supremely talented dudes on the rise: Lookas, Awoltalk and Gill Chang. Because of the restriction to just one track, I couldn’t really decide which of the three remixes I wanted to spotlight… so I shamelessly used the original and hopefully you’ll give the remixes a good listen, as well. They certainly deserve it.

The Avalanches “Because I’m Me”

Sure, most people are saying that after all the hype The Avalanches didn’t really bring anything all that new to the table. But you know what, that’s fine with me. I dare you to not like this song.

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Matt Lange

Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann “Terra” (Joseph Capriati Remix)

Three masters of techno at work here. It delivers completely as expected and oozes style. Great track.

Fabio Neural & Fideles “Day Off”

This is a really great dark and atmospheric roller of a track. It’s one of my favorite kinds of records to play, especially afterhours.

Edu Imbernon “Bitter Fate” (Fur Coat Remix)

Drawn-out, deep, and progressive. I’m a sucker for tracks with male vocals, and this one hits all the right spots for me.

Ron Costa “Berige” (Vakabular Remix)

Really like the groove and the ambiences in the background. Even cooler that this evidently came out of a remix contest.

Matt Lange “Lying To Myself” (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)

This isn’t really a track I could play out in my own sets, but it’s always such an honor to have Calyx and TeeBee’s hands grace your own work. Also, it destroys a D&B dancefloor.

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Darren Styles

Kayzo “Can’t Stop”

Seriously cool artist atm. Kayzo has no intention of being pigeonholed into one genre and this track is proof. Starting off at a glorious 160 bpm before stepping down to 128 for the second drop, this one definitely keeps the crowd guessing.

Kill the Noise ft. Awolnation “All in Head” (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix)

Gammer & I were fortunate enough to do an official remix for Kill the Noise, and it turned out like this.

Crisis Era “Party Up”

This is a straight fists-in-the-air banger. Definitely one for the hardstyle mosh pits.

Mija & Vindata “Better”

This track just makes me happy from start to finish. Always puts a smile on my face whenever I play it. It also features a sample from one of my tracks, “Getting Better.”

Dougal & Gammer “Shoulder Lock”

This is my favorite 170 track to play right now. It’s just bouncy, fun and always knocks people’s dicks off (as Gammer would say).

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Taiki Nulight

Kyle Watson “The Cone”

Creates a crazy atmosphere whereever you play it!

Noisia “Voodoo”

Godfathers of sound design at their best.

Taiki Nulight x Flava D “Conflict”

One of my favorite collaborations I have done. Big love to Flava D.

Redlight “Here With Me” (Lobster Mix)

Massive tune! Always smashes the dancefloor!

Phlegmatic Dogs “High Volume”

Only very recently discovered these guys and they have some serious heaters. Big support!

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ANGELZ “Stunt”

This is the first single of my new Saint Thug EP. It is a very important track for me, because it represents the new lane I am in.

Dustycloud “Blind”

This is another huge song from Confession, by Dustycloud.  He is one of the many young upcoming French producers killing it right now. Watch out for his new stuff.

Mercer “Juicy” (ATICA Remix)

The homie Mercer just dropped this huge remix EP to his new single “Juicy.” This remix immediately stood out to me by ATICA—very fresh and original.

Volac “Miami Party”

This is my favorite song on my Russian friends VOLAC’s debut EP on Night Bass.

Hucci “Xtra”

This makes my feet move. I like all of the stuff on Hucci’s label, too. Always inspiring and raw.

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