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Earlier this week, Dillon Francis announced on Australia’s Triple J radio that he’s shooting a pilot for MTV. Anyone who knows anything knows that Francis is basically the George Clooney of EDM, what with his striking good looks, his magnetic charisma, and his stable of standout characters, including DJ Hanzel, Rave Dad and Treva.

Alas, Francis said that he likely won’t use any of these characters on the show, as he wants to retain the rights to each one. Thus, we don’t know what to expect from Francis’ foray into the Viacom empire. But we have some ideas of what he should do, and they mostly include inserting Dillon into hit series from MTV’s glory years.

Here’s what that might look like:

Dillon Francis on The Hills

We can see Dillon pallin’ around Los Angeles’ cheesiest nightclubs with Brody Jenner, shopping on Robertson with Audrina, and engaging in a passionate (and mostly scripted) on-again/off-again relationship with LC. Cut to Dillon Skyping Zedd in private to complain about going on double-dates with Spencer and Heidi, who are both still kind of terrible.

Dillon Francis on Road Rules

This companion show to The Real World featured a crew of strangers driving around in an RV and engaging in various adventures and group challenges. As touring has made him accustomed to such tight quarters, Dillon deeply enjoys this cross-continental bonding experience, becoming something of a team leader and always offering to drive when everyone else is sleepy.

Dillon Francis on Singled Out

Being that Dillon is charismatic, successful, kind of a babe, and presumably rich as fuck, he’ll do extremely well on the classic MTV dating show. We’re happy for either Jenny McCarthy or Carmen Electra to return as the host, as long as Chris Hardwick is also there.

Dillon Francis on MTV Unplugged

In which Dillon makes musical history by becoming the first DJ to ever do a pre-recorded unplugged set. And no, a fully charged MacBook is not allowed. There are no mixing boards, there are no lights, there are no confetti cannons. There is just Dillon, sitting on a stool in the glow of a single spotlight, clutching a flash drive, holding up a glowstick, and passionately humming the drop of “IDGAFOS” with his eyes closed.

Dillon Francis on TRL

This scenario would actually be the most realistic, as Dillon Francis would definitely be on the Total Request Live all the damn time if that music video countdown show were still on the air. Paging Carson Daly…



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