• Artist Info

    Ruff Hauser

    Tim ‘Ruff’ Hauser has been mixing for 16 years and producing for 10. He has definitely lived up to his name with his Ruff and rugged production. Tim has developed a style of his own by fusing elements of house, drum and bass, and 2-step, into one beautifully orchestrated arsenal of dance floor bangers.

    Ruffs production is very bass heavy yet melodic and he seems to find that sweet spot whether he is delivering a deep or bass house Set. His live sets stay consistent with this genre breeding mentality using drum machines, fx processors, and digital sound manipulators creating a unique blend of audio art. From dj set to live performance, Ruff covers all bases leading his audience on a lesson through genres.

    Well-respected in the LA underground community, Ruff Hauser has played many of the West Coast’s most inspiring music festivals, including Coachella, Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man. Ruff has several Dubstep and glitch releases but he has just recently changed his direction of production being heavily influenced by the UK bass house sound.  He just recently released his first house and booty tech EP called the “Paul Bunyun EP” with SF based Worthy’s Label Anabatic. Ruff Hauser is definitely a leader in innovative Productions and pushing the sound of bass music and Ruff House forward into the future.