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    Romas is a seasoned vet in the house music scene. Traveling the world to music destinations such a Ibiza, Berlin, Sardinia, and Amsterdam he has honed in on the sound that is Romas.

    Since getting his first big break opening at Dune in South Hampton in the summer of 2011, Romas has made his mark on the NYC underground scene, regularly spinning throughout the year. From his beginnings, Romas' style encapsulated the dark and hard sounds of minimal techno but since evolved into a richer, funkier sound. Taking his cues from labels such as Desolat, Moonharbor, Crosstown Rebels, Ellum, and Cadenza. Romas mastered his eclectic mix of tracks into his own individual style. He can regularly be found mixing and producing in his studio in Queens, spending day after day researching and blazing the trail hes already begun to set. Romas will twist and turn you through the story he creates in each set, that will leave you only wanting more...