• Artist Info

    Brandon Elliot

    His mother a witch and his father a dragon 
    About this one simple fact he could be bragging 
    But no
    He's worked long and hard to bring all the bootys to the yard 
    He'll tickle that shard that is your soul
    You thought he was just tryna make you dance, when all along that was his goal
    From the soles of yo feet to the crown of your head
    It's like he's the minister and these beats I thee wed 
    What are his influences I've heard it said 
    Well let's take a peek at what's inside his head
    Zion I and Jazzy Jeff, for the heart of hip hop beats in his chest
    High Contrast and Andy C, his next evolutionary step, drum and bass came easy
    Mark Farina and Claude Von Stroke, house music and the vibes it invokes 
    From 2011 -2014
    He graced the stages of burningman and EDC
    In 2014 he played Nocturnal Wonderland and LIB
    Then in 2014 as if this were all just a dream
    He with two friends became a founding member of the Cats and Boots records team
    14 years he's been learning the game, he's been earning the name
    Brainchild ya heard, Brandon elliot, they are one and the same

    Playing along side Doorly, Jamie Jones, Flinch, 12th planet and Zion I
    But this is not what makes him fly
    He doesn't do it for the fame
    He does it for the love, and the positively funk fresh, dirty soul shivering vibes he can bring
    Ewww ewwww child 
    Let him tickle yo brain