As Headliners travel to Las Vegas for this weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival—and as festivals of all kinds occur around the world this summer season—Insomniac is introducing the #WeAreWideAwake initiative to raise awareness about maintaining health and safety at festivals and events.

While the message celebrates the many incredible aspects of electronic dance music culture, it also stresses the importance of looking out for one another. It encourages festivalgoers to contribute to the community values of peace, love, unity and respect by partying responsibly and speaking up if a friend needs medical attention of any kind.

“As human beings, we owe it our fellow brothers and sisters to simply look out for one another.”

The video features members of the Insomniac team and DJs including Carl Cox, 12th Planet, Arty, Martin Garrix and Crizzly, as well as Robert and Linell Shapiro, who lost their son Brent to a drug and alcohol overdose in 2005. The couple founded the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug and Alcohol Awareness in his honor and work to raise awareness about addiction.

Says Insomniac CEO and Founder Pasquale Rotella:

As event producers, it is our duty to ensure the health, happiness and well-being of everyone who attends our shows. As human beings, we owe it our fellow brothers and sisters to simply look out for one another. Being united and wide awake means living life with both eyes open, and working together to make sure we enjoy this wonderful culture safely and responsibly. I want to thank all the artists who took the time to make their voices heard, and I’m proud of our Insomniac family for stepping up and standing behind a message that we all strongly believe in.

#WeAreWideAwake aspires to spread the message of safety, community and common sense to festivalgoers around the world and create awareness that attendees will not get in trouble for assisting someone in need. As always, EDC will provide free water to festivalgoers at the show this weekend in Las Vegas, and all Headliners are encouraged to stay hydrated and pace themselves during the three-day event.

“I encourage the fans to check this announcement,” says Russian producer Arty, who plays EDC this weekend. “Each fan of my music is important to me, and I want all of you to hear this message: Together, we can take care of each other and ensure that the dance music community stays safe. Don’t be indifferent if someone around you is in trouble; together we are stronger!”

The video asks revelers to watch out for their fellow party people in the same way they would look after their nearest and dearest. The idea should surely resonate in a music culture famous for being a close-knit space for people from around the world to gather as friends.

“I hope we influence the partygoers to be responsible,” says 12th Planet, “and to look out for one another when we all share the same event space.”

“The message is clear, that we have to look out for one another,” agrees Carl Cox. “When we are out there having a good time, it does not take much to check if another person is okay; you could save their life. Party safe.”

Use the hashtag #WeAreWideAwake to share this project and spread the message that by working together and staying wide awake, we can make our ever-growing global family stronger, safer, healthier, and more unified. There are so many reasons why our culture is incredible, and together, we can elevate it even further. All you have to do is say something.

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