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While the Thanksgiving tradition might celebrate the early 17th century union between Native Americans and early English settlers, the divisions are rife this Thanksgiving Week as the Sioux tribe continues to protest the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock. Rave veteran Tommie Sunshine has taken the opportunity today to speak out.

“Dear fellow Americans, we are asking for your help,” Sunshine said in a video that was posted to his social networks on Wednesday.

“This Thanksgiving, not all of us are celebrating in peace. At Standing Rock, peaceful protestors are fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, to protect the watershed for 17 million people, and to fight for a livable climate, human rights, native sovereignty, peace and justice.”

Sunshine emphasizes that while the protestors have been utilizing “non-violent action” at Standing Rock for the past six months, North Dakota police have been utilizing excessive force to deal with the protestors, which has been widely reported in the media this week.

“It must stop now, or we fear there will be a loss of life,” he says, putting out the call to President Obama, Vice President Bidden and the Department of Justice, all of who are all tagged in the post.

“Step in and end the violence to the peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock immediately. We are asking that as you sit down for your celebratory meal this holiday, please think of the peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock standing up for the rights of 17 million people.”

Thousands of activists have travelled to Standing Rock reservation in an attempt to halt construction of the pipeline, with members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe establishing a “spiritual camp” on the banks of the Missouri back in April. The tribe insists the pipeline will endanger their water supply, and claim that construction has disturbed sacred burial grounds.

Watch the Thanksgiving message from Tommie Sunshine in full below.

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