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One of the most infamous dancefloors built in the Nevada desert for Burning Man this year was actually an abandoned 1985 Boeing 747 commercial airplane. The creative art professionals from Big Imagination Foundationwho spent months preparing the mobile dancefloor, describe it as “the largest moving art experience ever created.”

The body of the plane was completely hollowed out and transformed into the music and art venue, with the tail wing of the plane removed completely and the wings clipped and shortened. Part of the ceiling toward the front of the plane was also removed completely, allowing for the upper deck of the place to be transformed into an outdoor rooftop area with desert views.

The 747 Project made for one of the most talked-about and memorable installations at Burning Man this year, and thanks to tech company Matterport—which specializes in creating 3D environments—we’ve been given the chance to take a vividly recreated 3D tour of the space.

To take a tour of the 747 Project, head over to art and technology blog The Creators Project.



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