This year, Seth Troxler spoke out about why #NightLifeMatters, and it appears he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is, in the form of jumping out of a plane for the cause. He’ll be skydiving next month in support of the activists from Keep Sydney Open, who have organized regular protests against their city’s controversial “lockout laws” in recent years.

Sydney has seen its once-vibrant clubbing scene decimated in recent years due to new laws implemented in 2014 that severely restrict trading licenses, with dozens of clubs closing in their wake. Keep Sydney Open hopes to leverage the same support from the international clubbing community that mobilized so successfully behind Fabric London this year.

“The city’s music industry should be protected, not punished. The government needs to acknowledge the value and necessity of a healthy nightlife scene both culturally and economically—and the first step is to lift the lockouts,” Keep Sydney Open said in a statement.

Head over to the Save Sydney Nightlife Skydive campaign page for more information and to make a pledge.

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