Dance culture enthusiasts around the world are in celebratory mode this week following the news that Fabric London is set to reopen after having its license reinstated. While it’s been suggested this might be a “pyrrhic victory” due to the restrictive nature of its new operating conditions, it’s been hailed as a victory by the club, which has confirmed that excess funds raised via its #SaveFabric campaign will be donated to “worthy causes in the nightlife industry.”

One such worthy cause is the Nightlife Matters campaign launched this year by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) in support of the late-night industry. Earlier this year, Seth Troxler spoke out in support of the campaign in an editorial published by Clash Magazine.

“We’re living in a time where the government likes to create media sensations around one topic or another… Decisions are being made by people too old or too out of touch with what’s happening in the modern world,” Troxler says, identifying this disconnect as a global issue for dance culture.

“In places like Germany and Holland, local officials accept electronic music and nightlife as culturally valuable. They look at nightlife in the same way they do ballet. It’s not seen as something violent or criminal, it’s celebrated. They recognise that many of the people taking part in night culture are tolerant of different races, different genders and different sexualities.”

However, Troxler argues that an identical obstacle is being faced in both America and the UK, in terms of dance music not being recognized for its intrinsic cultural value, which means that no desire exists to protect it. This is where the Nightlife Matters campaign comes in.

“#NightLifeMatters is addressing the same issues… They’re going direct to policy makers, showing them who we are, showing them that we’re valuable, showing them that we aren’t the stereotype that they think we are or that we might have been in the 90s.”

Read the full editorial from Seth Troxler over at Clash Magazine, and watch a video from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) below.

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