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We all know the creative endeavors of techno stalwart Richie Hawtin travel well beyond the realms of mere DJing, and this year’s release of his new PLAYdifferently mixer—which he designed in collaboration with Allen & Heath—represents a good example. This mentality also extends into the art world; Hawtin has created a sound installation to accompany a photographic exhibition that opens at the Gagosian Gallery this Thursday, November 10.

Hawtin’s soundtrack has been created to accompany the Not Abstract II exhibition of German artist Andreas Gursky, who’s renowned for his large-format photographs that make evocative statements, often through the use of aerial photography. His piece Amazon, for example, shows a bird’s-eye view of a warehouse packed with an insane number of products.

According to the Gagosian Gallery, the musical talents of Hawtin were called upon because “his unique, hypnotic sound echoes Gursky’s exploration of the formal questions of abstraction through scale distortion and rhythmic repetition of motifs.”

The Not Abstract II exhibition runs from November 10 to December 23. Find out more over at the Gagosian Gallery website.

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