“Except 2 of the 3 dancers and the 2 cops, all the characters in the video are portrayed by actual refugees,” Netherlands bass merchants Noisia announced this week in the director’s notes of their new “Mantra” video, which seeks to humanize the nature of the refugee crisis still in full flight around the world.

“The refugees we met fled from Afghanistan, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia and Syria. Some fled from war, others had economic reasons. All the refugees spent some part of their journey on a boat. Some ‘only’ a few hours, others as long as 7 days. Often without enough water and food.”

The video involved filming in a special pool where dangerous situations were recreated, with Noisia noting that the refugees “surprised us with their willingness and positivity while recreating some of the intense parts of their journey.”

Noisia’s new Outer Edges album is available now. Find out more about the process of shooting the video over at their website.

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