It wasn’t that long ago that dubstep pioneer Benga and Blasterjaxx member Idir Makhlaf both spoke publically about their experiences with anxiety and depression. Now Dutch DJ/producer Nicky Romero has joined the discussion, releasing a detailed public statement that details his struggles with anxiety, addressed to fans who wondered why he released less music this year.

“In the last few months I have had many questions why I didn’t release as much music as before. Of course this is to do with less time in the studio because of touring, but the biggest cause was anxiety. I have been suffering anxiety for about 2.5 years now. I probably visited more than 12 therapists and professionals to help me fix it. It was only getting worse.

“Having anxiety makes it really hard to produce music, as it sucks all of the energy out of you and leaves you with a huge feeling of unreality and unease. I felt guilty to all of my fans and more pressure was added by all expectations.”

Romero says he gained clarity after reading a book called At Last a Life by Paul David, which he says showed him “nothing was wrong,” and allowed insight on what action he needed to take. He says fans can expect a return to full steam in 2016, and he also confirmed in the comments on the post that his collaboration with Stadiumx would be out within a month.

“Sorry for those who I disappointed with less music, I just hope you don’t judge your artist[s] (not only me) too quickly, negativity isn’t helping anyone, positivity is. Thanks for all the warm words and endless support.”

Romero’s statement follows a similar gesture from Blasterjaxx member Idir Makhlaf last month, when he reached out to his fans to discuss his struggles with mental health, as well as Benga’s honest reveals on his Twitter in September. Something that all three artists had in common was reservations as to how their statements would be perceived by fans and the music industry.

“This industry is all about perception,” Benga told The Guardian. “A lot of people wouldn’t want anybody to think they’re weak, or that they can’t do what they do, or that they’re not cool.”

You can find Romero’s statement published in full on his Facebook page. You can also check out the video below for “Lighthouse,” one of his select few productions that saw release this year.

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