Electronic music mad scientist Max Cooper has a new album that’s just been released, Emergence. It’s based on a conceptual audiovisual extravaganza he’s been touring live for the past two years that examines the “beauty of the natural laws and processes in operation.”

Already released a few weeks ago, the video for “Cyclic” drew straight from the visuals featured in the show. Now Cooper has revealed the video for “Trust,” a stunning dystopian affair that happens to be packed with robots.

“With the Emergence project, I set out to work with different video artists for each chapter of the story, so that it could be varied and stay fresh throughout a 90-minute live show, while still following a single narrative,” Cooper says.

“For this music video, I found an amazing artist called RC Aksun, who specialised in comic-style animations full of hidden meaning and political messages—this seemed fitting for the part of the story where humans had arrived and had started to establish complex societal structures.”

The new Max Cooper album Emergence is available now. Watch the video for “Trust” above.

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