Later this month, we’ll see Max Cooper’s renowned Emergence audiovisual live show—which he’s been touring the past two years—crystalized into an album of the same name. It will feature the music he developed for the show, which was inspired by the “beauty of the natural laws and processes in operation,” as well as a mix of film and real-time data visualization synced with the music. To offer a better idea of this audiovisual synergy, Cooper has just dropped a new video.

Created in collaboration with Numbercult, the “Cyclic” video is developed from a fascinating concept of creating a live, generative visual system that would enable an exploration of the same concepts of nature’s cycles that informed the Emergence show.

“All of… life and the natural environment has cycles operating at many levels, from cellular protein turnover, to growth phases, sleep and wake cycles in complex organisms following the cycles of the day, monthly and yearly cycles of tides and seasons,” says Cooper.

“The video captures this idea of nested cycles, one within the other, forming a complex developing system,” he adds, sounding like a true mad scientist.

Watch the video for “Cyclic” above. Max Cooper’s Emergence arrives November 25 and is available now for preorder.

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