When was your first kiss? Who was your first crush? What are you sick of hearing about?

At Escape: All Hallows’ Eve, Insomniac’s annual Halloween party that went down this past October in Southern California, we decorated our golf cart with holiday appropriate flair and invited a bunch of willing victims onboard to answer these questions and more.

The hijinks that ensued resulted in our first installment of Golf Cart Confessions. For this DIY-style operation we picked up DJs at their respective trailers and drove them around the festival while asking probing personal questions. Memorable moments not shown in this episode included Steve Aoki and Paul van Dyk getting swarmed by the crowd, momentarily losing our cameraman in the sea of ravers, our interviewer nearly falling off the cart and Duke Dumont avoiding our cameras entirely by literally sneaking away behind his trailer and running to his car while our producer chased him across the parking lot.

(Duke, why’d you do us like that?)

Golf Cart Confessions: Escape All Hallows’ Eve features The Magician, SKisM, Zomboy, Steve Aoki, Tommy Trash, Umek, Oliver Heldens, Jordan Suckley, Matador, Michael Woods, MC Dino, Blasterjaxx, Paul van Dyk, and Keys n Krates discussing life, love, boners, ebola, and more while cruising on the cart. Watch this now.



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