The Discovery Project continues to stand tall in its celebration of the unmatched diversity and ability that exist within the dance music community. Year after year, the finest from the pool of untapped talent continue to overflow onto many of our festival stages. And with Electric Forest stretching out across two weekends this year, we wanted to take the opportunity to intro the incoming class of inductees. Please give a warm welcome to Scrvp, Carabetta & Doons, Havok Roth, PLS&TY, Space Race, and BABZ.

Inspired by his Colombian roots and a love of gut-shaking 808s, Scrvp crafts low-slung, beautifully designed slices of heady bass. Carabatta & Doons come to us straight from the Miami underground, a location primed for their pulsating, polyrhythmic techno, which pumps with just the right amount of funk. Havok Roth’s unbridled intensity comes through in his warped sound design and the delicate balance of ambient beauty and Category-1-level grit. Shining with layers of smoothed-out soul is PLS&TY, whose sound is overflowing with a joyously melodic punch wrapped in heart-wrenching bass. Space Race’s heavy beats and out-of-this-world sound design hit like a supernova, equipped to send you straight into orbit. Lastly, BABZ is one who has clearly not let any genre hold him back, with his OOPS EP serving as a prime example of his diversity—each of the six tracks packs thick pads, dirty basslines, epic builds, disgustingly dirty drops, and funky beats.

These six widely dynamic artists are bringing their very best to the Forest this year and will undoubtedly be coming to a festival near you very soon.

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