For anyone interested in a music-inspired video game that offers a twist on the rhythm-based experiences we’ve seen a million times before, DubWars might just offer the unique spin you’re after, as well as gifting dubstep fans with a reason to celebrate at the same time.

Based on the game mechanics of a classic arcade top-down shooter, instead of forcing you to tap buttons in a certain rhythm, DubWars takes away a degree of control and syncs your shooting with the movement of the music. Once the track triggers an ammunition payout from your weapon, it’s your job to use it for the destruction of your enemies. Otherwise, it’s a test of whether you can survive until the next bass-driven round of destruction.

Using the sounds of a number of up-and-coming dubstep producers like NGTMRE, the music is transformed into a weapon as your avatar fires in sync to the rhythm of the song.

DubWars is available now on Steam.



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