For anyone heading abroad for the massive Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) next month, there will be an opportunity to view the seminal artistic works of Dutch 19th-century post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh in a rather different context, set to a soundtrack of… trance.

That’s right, that other seminal Dutch artist Armin van Buuren has announced a partnership with the Van Gogh Museum that will see him lending his recognizable persona to a special edition of the visitors multimedia guide, which will feature personal commentary from Armin, as well as music inspired by his recent album Embrace and accompanying world tour. They’ll even be naming the new multimedia guide Embrace Vincent in honor of the collaboration.

“After meeting Willem van Gogh [Vincent’s great-grandnephew] and getting to know more about the museum, I was blown away,” Armin said this week. “The paintings come to life, [and] it’s hard to get them out of your head. I instinctively linked the paintings to music. Van Gogh is inspirational, and he certainly inspired me.”

The Embrace Vincent multimedia guide will launch on Friday, October 21, during ADE, and will see Armin perform a unique, one-off showcase at the Van Gogh Museum that evening. It’ll be a temporary addition to the existing multimedia guide, running until the end of November this year, and will be available for listeners in both Dutch and English versions.

The specific music featured in the exhibition will actually be Armin’s upcoming Club Embrace album, which showcases the remixed versions from his Embrace album that have been featuring in his world tour this year. It’s due on October 28 and available for preodrder.

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