The interest in the return of Daft Punk to the live stage at the moment is so astronomically high that it’s fueled endless, baseless rumors about their eventual return. So far, there’s been no real indication they’ll be back anytime soon, though the interest has led fans to dig up a multitude of classic Daft Punk performances that were previously lying dormant.

Earlier this month, we were treated to a rare example of Daft Punk performing unmasked way back in 1995. This week, Dancing Astronaut uncovered a previously obscure 1997 recording from Paris’ iconic Rex Club, allegedly recorded on the sly by one of the club’s engineers.

While the set was reportedly floating around internet forums as early as 2000 and eventually uploaded to YouTube a few years ago, it languished in relative obscurity until this week. Listen to the recording above, and view the full track list below.

01. Alive
02. Can You Feel It? (C.L.S. cover)
03. Musique
04. Short Circuit (2001)
05. Da Funk / Daftendirekt
06. Da Funk (Armand Van Helden’s Ten Minutes of Funk Remix)
07. Extacy (DJ Deeon cover)
08. Rollin’ & Scratchin’
09. Revolution 909 (Live Version)
10. Burnin’
11. Oh Yeah
12. Rock ‘n’ Roll
13. Around the World
14. The Chase (Giorgio Moroder cover)
15. Around the World / Da Funk Beats

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