“When I was 18, I loved Richie Hawtin and Minus records, but I also loved Switch and Dubsided,” says Australia’s Wongo. “I would play eclectic DJ sets in my mum’s garage that probably only made sense to me, but it was my sound.”

That eclectic sound finds its latest form in Robots & Machines, his forthcoming two-track EP slated to drop at the end of this week on Sweat It Out! Music’s more dancefloor-oriented imprint, Club Sweat. The title track is a chunky, grungy techno offering with a cheeky sense of humor, featuring sampled dialogue between two women.

“You identify as a techno-sexual—what exactly does that mean?” the first woman asks. “It means that I’m attracted to robots, machines,” answers the second woman, the last bit of her looped reply forming the track’s infectious title hook. And off we go, bumping, whirring, and buzzing into the night, carried by a dirty bassline, kicking hi-hats, syncopated clicks, and deep-fried synth stabs.

If you weren’t already a bit of a techno-sexual yourself, this might be the track to turn you out.

Available October 5 via Club Sweat.

Buy Wongo’s Robots & Machines EP here.

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