The L.A.-based label Perfect Driver is coming out of the gates in 2015 in a mean way with a trunk-rattling EP from Orlando-based producer Sage Armstrong. The title track, “Flawwda Baiis,” begins with warm pads that swirl around a knocking breakbeat before giving way to booty-bouncing infusion of 808s and squelching bass blasts. Perfect Driver has become a platform for new producers looking to make strides by landing releases on esteemed labels such as dirtybird, so keep an eye out for this label that’s always pushing the newest underground talent.

Describe the best setting/activity to hear this track.
Definitely a rooftop party on the beach, or any club with an amazing sound system.

Who is the ideal person to remix this track?
I would have to go with J.Phlip. Her tracks are so nasty, and I love how she works in those acidy and gritty basslines over breaky house beats. I know she’d merk it.

Creatively, how did the work on this track stack up to previous studio sessions? Was this more challenging to complete than others?
I feel a lot of my music of late has been taking a little longer to complete. I really like to show other people and artists my work before I put it out, so I can read their reactions and see if they like it or if any changes need to be made.

Have you played this one out in any of your sets?
Yes! I played it at the end of my set last week out in Tampa. I had such an amazing time there and got a great reaction from this track on the dancefloor.

What’s your favorite sound/synth/effect/etc. used here?
My favorite sound in this track would have to be the acid bass layer that comes in after the intro. I feel like it gives the track a nice hypnotic feel and rides pretty well with the toms. I used the Massive synth to create this sound.

You can pick up the entire EP today on Beatport here.

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