Even though the name Tony Wonka might not carry household status quite yet, don’t be fooled into thinking this Russian producer is a newcomer. He’s beyond the point of having to prove himself—despite the fact he’s currently standing on one single at the moment: “Reid Speed,” which was his introduction to the world by way of Dirtybird’s Birdfeed imprint. Wonka’s clout is automatically built-in, stemming from the seasoned vet’s insanely respected track record as one-third of the RAM Records–backed trio Teddy Killerz. And while he’s known to tirelessly knock heads loose on the drum & bass front, Wonka is pivoting into the bass house arena with a new side project that is now getting the stamp of approval from DJ Zinc’s too-on-point label.

“I am glad to present my new project, Tony Wonka,” he tells Insomniac. “It’s a sound I’ve been digging a lot lately, and I am honored to have my release on Bingo Bass!”

Straight out of the gate, “Get High” sounds like the handiwork of a skilled beat-smith who has been in the game forever. It’s potent and enough to make your pupils completely dilate, as a thick, shuffling rhythm is orbited by foggy textures that come and go until the full weight of the tune comes crashing down. Once the meme-famous Towelie vocal sample from South Park hits, we reach the point of no return, where he puts the wonk to work through squirming synth sequences that could easily be classified as a Schedule I substance. The only thought racing in our minds once the last beat rings out is: When will Tony Wonka re-up with his next release?

Available September 14 via Bingo Bass.

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