Apparently, back in 2017, Dirty Rituals and Marc Spence passed a bit of music back and forth for a collaborative EP. But as things often do, these plans were put away in light of other pressing projects. Eventually, the right moment came, and they are finally dropping this partnered EP, The Gritty Shit.

If the name is any promise of what’s in store, “Squidgy” is certainly a testament. The vocal narrative, delivered in classic house style, is definitely of the adult variety. And wrapped around it is a track that feels like underwater basement deep house music. There’s a lot going on here, but all of it is captivating. A bouncy beat plays against a thick bassline and zero-gravity synth sounds. The classic sounds feel familiar yet updated.

Spence and Dirty Rituals keep things lively and active without compromising the spacey late-night vibes. There’s an undeniable groove going on that was built to keep heads swaying in time. All of it is neatly packaged into the type of four-on-the-floor jam that DJs reach for when they want to keep the party going.

Available December 14 via House of Hustle.

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